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Services & Pricing


Service Description


Non-KU Academic

                                                             Non-Academic Investigators                          

Probe synthesis

Organic synthesis or peptide synthesis, purification, and shipment of molecular probes to investigators

$1,754.00 (e.g. for 100 mg of a typical small molecule probe prepared in three steps)

Peptides of up to 20 amino acids can generally be prepared on a 100 mg scale in > 90% purity for $25/residue plus the cost of materials

Price for KU investigators x 1.6 Price for KU investigators x 2.0

Phenotypic screening of zebrafish embryos by microscopy in 96-well format (four embryos per well)

$10 per well

Price for KU investigators x 1.6

Price for KU investigators x 2.0

Assay development and other imaging services

A wide variety of microscopy-based assays can be developed and conducted using fluorescence dissecting microscopy or confocal fluorescence microscopy to investigate molecular probes in mammalian cells or zebrafish models

Please request a quote

Microscopes available:

Zeiss Axiozoom V16 fluorescence dissecting microscope: $20 per hour

Leica SPE Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope: $20 per hour

Price for KU investigators x 1.6 Price for KU investigators x 2.0


The table above provides a general guide to services offered by the KU-MPC. For synthetic projects, because molecular probes vary widely in complexity, the prices listed above reflect the cost of a typical synthesis of 100 mg of a small molecule probe from inexpensive starting materials requiring approximately three synthetic steps. Prices are subject to change based on specific requirements. To obtain a quote for a project, please contact Dr. Chamani Perera or Dr. Blake Peterson for free consultation.